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The Top Pocket Extra Mattress from the New Pocket series of anatomical and orthopedic mattresses. With very thick and strong independent springs of 1.3mm laminate and only 3cm spring. The frame of the multypocket springs consists of 1470 independent springs 150 x 200 in a single frame. The top layer of Pocket Extra in combination with layers of Greek heat compressed cotton and the innovative 3DCELLS cellular where it allows the surface to ventilate. It provides you with proper and dense support for whatever weight and body shape you have and where you sleep.




①Knitted Bamboo Knitted Fabric with Oeko Tex standard 100 certification


② Dacron quilt 300gr / sqm.

③ Foam shield 20mm

④ Air filter 15gr / sqm.

⑤ 3D extra cells HR35 / 4cm

⑥nSoft Compressed Cotton 1500gr /sqm.

⑦ Air filter 80gr / sqm. (for protection of internal materials from frictional wear)

⑧ Independent Multipocket Springs 1.3mm / 17cm -> 1470 springs for 150x200 layer each

fabric case. High ductile wire.

⑨ Peripheral reinforcement zone with "breathing" ventilation technology extra perimeter reinforcement with 2 x 8 / 1.4mm steel blades

Greek construction


Pocket Extra Mattress with independent springs

€650.00 Regular Price
€455.00Sale Price
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