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"Diapneon®", like the meaning of the word, refers to innovative raw material processing technology to create suitable natural ventilation - breathing conditions for your mattress. We have applied for a worldwide patent for our "Breathing ®"

Ventilation Valves

Ventilation valves inside the mattress are mounted anti-diametrically. They provide ventilation inside the mattress and help to move air from the inside out.

3D Space borders

Perimeter borders of advanced 3D fabric where it allows the inflow and outflow of air into the mattress at a much greater rate than ventilation valves and other technologies. 3D SPACE technology combines to work effectively only with the "Dipneon" system.

Clean And Healthy

We use first class raw materials. I checked them for purity, quality and so on to ensure that each of our products is healthy and perfectly suited for your sleep

Quality Control

Each of our products is checked for quality before final packaging and delivery to you. This is how we ensure our 100% quality in every product.

Sealed Packaging

Our products are packaged in durable pvc film made of 100% virgin and 100% recyclable material. Closed on all sides with airtight. That protectS all products from moisture, damage during loading, storing or transportation. Our packaging is advanced and fully automated. This ensures that your mattress is perfectly hygienic and ready to use it

Enviromental friendly policy

All our materials that make up your mattress are environmentally friendly and do not contaminate the natural environment. For the correct and ecological disposal of your mattress, after its lifetime. It is 100% recyclable,suitable for recycling. This is done exclusively by recycling companies.


All of our Mattresses are available with four handlers to facilitate transport and rotation in your bed. It should be rotated on your bed as often as you can to get the best possible quality sleep


We never hide the inside of our mattresses. We place a zipper to identify its materials. Also its position is such that it assures you the supervision of both sides of your mattress. Besides, with the zipper we can access the inside of our mattress for through cleaning with vacuum cleaner etc and for further ventilation.


OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 International Organization for the Certification of Textile Products. The textiles we use in our products are OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certified. Ensuring that they are suitable for your sleep and do not contain harmful substances.

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