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What it means to "Diapneon"

Diapneon® means Breathable in Greek. So Like the meaning of the word, refers to an innovative processing technology of perforatiing the convetional raw matterials inside the matress  with the aim of acquiring the additional breathability in their technical characteristics. As a result, it facilitates natural ventilation - transpiration of the interior of a matress in which they are placed.


The need for ventilation inside the mattress is very important and synonymous with the concept of proper hygiene. During a goodnight sleep, the surface of the mattress develops a temperature similar to that of the human body. If the mattress is not properly ventilated inside, the human body consistently sweats a poor quality sleep, the development of long-lasting unpleasant odors and the deterioration of its construction materials. But mainly the growth within the layer of a friendly environment on various harmful microorganisms such as mites.

Diapneon ® technology offers:

  • Decrease in the growth of microorganisms, mites and other bacteria dangerous to human health.

  • Reduction active perspiration of the human body during sleep, having better cool the internal structure of the matress materials.

  • The unpleasant odors that come from the inside of the mattress disappear over time.

  • Faster drying on the surface of the mattress fabric is ensured in case of dampening, either by sweating or other causes.

  • A longer and more quality mattress life is ensured.

  • Excellent mattress behavior when we go to sleep, as the indoor air moves outwards and on the contrary, without resistance, from all sides.

  • Functional integration of existing ventilation systems, ventilators, perimeters with 3D Space.

  • Patent application has been appled for the " Diapneon "technology. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED

  • Clean the inside of the mattress with a vacuum cleaner without removing the cover and without removing the mattress from the bed.


Diapneon® technology can be applied by drilling holes (perforation ) for breathability  perposes to raw materials other than foam elastic. e.t.c. For example: in thermo-compressed cotton pads  from different compositions and weights. etc. See our patent number 02169.

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