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The top Pocket Super mattress from the New Pocket series of anatomical and orthopedic mattresses. With independent springs and 5 zones of different hardness combined with textured coconut fibers, natural LATEX 3cm layers, heat-compressed cotton layers. As well as a removable LATEX natural topper. Where it allows the use of the mattress on four sides. They are the main ingredients for a truly super sleep. With a unique feeling where you feel like sleeping on a large pillow ... it takes your rest to another level. Also with the unique feeling of hugging - supporting your body it will overturn the data in your sleep. The mattress's natural materials in combination with its technological superiority such as the "breathing" extraction system guarantee a perfectly healthy and quality sleep.




① Knitted Aloe Vera Knitted Fabric Oeko Tex standard 100 Tuck and Jump Pattern certification

② Dacron quilt 300gr / sqm.

③ Foam shield 10mm

④ Air filter 15gr / sqm.

⑤ Cotton quilt 600gr / sqm.

⑥ Natural Latex Talalay 3cm

⑦ Coconut Fiber 1200gr / sq.m.

⑧ Air filter 80gr / sqm.

⑨ Independent Pocket Springs 1.9-1.8mm / 17cm with 5 zones of different hardness 672 springs for 150x200 layer, each in a fabric case. High ductile wire.

⑩ Peripheral reinforcement zone with "breathing" ventilation technology. Plus Extra perimeter reinforcement with 2 x 8/1.4m steel blades

Greek construction

Pocket Super Pillowtop Mattress with independent springs and pad

€650.00 Regular Price
€455.00Sale Price
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